BYTYŃ 2022 urban planning workshops

przez Urbano — W Poradnik urbanistyczny — 31 sierpnia 2022


Bytyń, located on a lake with 6 islands and numerous nature reserves, was chosen as the site of the urban and design plein-air, which will take place in September. The event is planned as part of the workshops and student internships of the URBANO development investment planning office and the urban and legal office URBANO from Poznań

2022 URBANO PLANNING TEAM SUMMER CAMP | 1890 BITHIN DISTILLERY. He will provide this @dress on the URBANO website, interested students can find information on the possibility of participating in summer outdoor internships. The urban and legal office URBANO announced the upcoming event. Urban planning and design workshops in Bytyń will be organized as part of the student internship of the URBANO studio. URBANO Law Firm has been operating in Poznań since 2005 and provides services throughout the country.

Design classes will be carried out on the premises of the old distillery in Bytyń on 09-16.09.2022 at Lake Bytyńskie. The works will be supervised by the URBANO Development Projects Documentation Office, the URBANO urban and legal office and by employees of development companies from the URBANO group, as well as by design offices, contractors and service companies cooperating with the organizer. 2022 URBANO Planning Team Summer Camp at Bithin Distillery is a meeting of a group of students in the following fields: architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, construction, sustainable construction, geodesy and cartography, geography, spatial management, graphics, environmental engineering, cartography, protection of cultural assets, environment, horticulture, law, furniture design, sculpture, artificial intelligence, environmental technology, tourism and recreation, integrated management. -URBANO has been implementing a student internship program since 2007. Hundreds of students from various faculties of Poznań universities have passed through our company. For 15 years, we have been helping students gain practical experience, we are happy to share our knowledge. Our company is open to help in gaining knowledge. In the studio there are always many projects at various stages of implementation, during which students can demonstrate creativity, diligence or diligence. Many apprentices also obtained internships and positions with us. Today, they are employees of concerns, office workers or run their own business. We like to help – says Urbano Rafał Goraczniak, the president, owner and founder of URBANO.

In accordance with the investor’s guidelines, a hotel, restaurant and SPA zone will be built on the premises of the old historic distillery with a usable area of ​​approximately 1,800 sq m. The project is to be complemented by food production. The investment area is in total over 12,000 square meters. The investment is complemented by the construction of a marina. The investor plans to build a collective residence building (condo hotel) in the neighboring area. The general designer is Urbano. URBANO cooperates with design offices from other industries and suppliers of modern technologies (solar energy). It is worth emphasizing that it was the URBANO company that obtained the multi-family house certificate in 2016 confirming the use of smart home technology in the Willa Urbano investment at Sucha 5a in Poznań, as the first company in Poland to build a multi-family building using DEIMIC solutions. It is also uncompromising that the company has been installing air conditioning in every apartment since 2015 in Willa URBANO’s residential projects. From 2018, new residential investments are complemented by the installation of electric car charging stations. URBANO also obtained development conditions for MBA Real Estate from Warsaw, cooperating with the general contractor company Scalio from Kwilcz for the construction of a shopping center with a development area of ​​6,700 sq m in Rogoźno at Kolejowa Street. The company supports other residential, commercial and industrial projects. Students during their internships at the URBANO studio will certainly not be bored …

Contact to the Campus Organizer in Bytyń | Dr. Urbano Rafał Gorączniak | URBANO Development Projects Office | URBANO Kancelaria Urbanistyczno Prawna | T. + 48781URBANO | | | Urbano Inwestycje Sp. z o.o. | Urbano Poznań station, ul. Wawrzyniaka 19, 60-506 Poznań

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