Hotel rooms in a retail and service complex in Poznań for sale

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We offer for sale a separate part (land and mortgage register of the premises) of real estate built in 2007 for the purpose of implementing a hotel facility, which was realized on the property in Poznań’s Grunwald „Galeria 222”, located in Poznań at 222 Grunwaldzka Street – in the form of an independent residential unit intended for permanent or temporary residence. The share in the common parts of the property on which the property is located is related to the premises. Premises of various sizes in the form of hotel rooms with an area of approximately 14.5 square meters are located in a retail and service complex in Poznań.

Galeria Handlowa 222 was put into use as a service facility, which housed both companies offering products and services. The total usable area of ​​Galeria 222 is approximately 3,000 square meters and consists of many premises intended for business activities, including hotel, catering, retail, medical, office, banking, postal and other services that meet the needs of people living nearby (housing estates).

The hotel facility is located on the top floor of a three-story building. The building in the shape of an elongated rectangle was built on a construction plot with the designed main entrance from Grunwaldzka Street. The building has an entrance from the street parallel to Grunwaldzka street. The design of the building was implemented based on the communication of individual floors through the main staircase equipped with an elevator. There are other existing staircases in the building to facilitate communication to individual premises.

The hotel room for sale is a typical single-room facility with sanitary facilities. The contract for the sale of a property in the form of a hotel room is related to a contract for the sale of equipment consisting of a floor covering, furniture, fittings and household appliances, in accordance with the inventory, and a long-term rental contract guaranteeing PERMANENT PASSIVE INCOME for the investor.

The initial sale price of the property is PLN 99,000 gross and is valid until further notice.

The cost of furnishing the premises is PLN 11,000 gross

The income from the premises depends on its size, location in the facility and equipment, and as at the issue date is PLN 960 to PLN 1,230 gross. The income may change depending on the change in the standard of the premises.

We send you the contract template, commercial terms and conditions, rights and obligations related to the possession of the premises and shares in the common parts of the property after making arrangements resulting from the discussions with the interested parties.

The facility will be called UFO URBANO and will refer to the developer’s previously completed investments: Willa Urbano, Urbano Station.

The price is variable and depends on the how advanced is the sale.
We look forward to working with you!
Contact: URBANO T.0048 781872266 or via the website

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